Pray with Us



Pray for the communities across the US who suffered flooding, damage, loss and death due to Hurricane Ida. Pray that God will enable churches to be a light throughout the recovery effort. Pray that many will turn to the Lord.

Pray for God’s Spirit to turn the hearts of Muslims in Afghanistan to faith in the Lord Jesus. Pray that God, who turned Saul, a murderer and persecutor of Christians, into “His Chosen Instrument” to carry the Gospel forward to the nations, would today turn many enemies of Christ into followers of Christ in Afghanistan. Pray for God’s protection and provision for Christians in Afghanistan.

Pray that the Lord would use the work of Samaritans Purse to demonstrate the love of Jesus to those in our community. Pray that Gospel seeds would be planted and that the Holy Spirit would draw people to Himself. Pray that volunteers would be safe and healthy as they work in many challenging environments.

Pray for the people in Dearborn and the surrounding cities who have lost so much to the recent flooding. Pray that they would find hope in the Lord, in spite of all they have lost. pray for those who have made professions of faith in Christ, that Christ would help them become connected to a church body. Pray that God would give us wisdom as we reach out to them.

Pray for Cyndal and for AnnaBeth, who are following the Lord in baptism this morning. Pray that God would strengthen them each day to walk in their new identity in Christ.

Praise the Lord that 3 plots of land have been purchased for the Care Center in W. Africa. Pray that the Lord would continue to bless and provide this work, and that He will grow and empower the church in W. Africa. Pray that the country of Guinea would have democratic elections after the Government was overthrown a few weeks ago.

Pray for Dorothea’s granddaughter Mandie who has been battling a severe medical condition for several years. Pray for the Lord’s healing over her. Pray for strength and encouragement for her husband Levi and her parents as they care for her.

Please be in prayer for Joe and Marjie’s daughter, Colleen and her father in law Pero- who is in the hospital with many complications. The family is considering removing life support on Monday. Pray for the family during this difficult time, that they would sense the Lord’s presence and peace.

Pray for Ellie, a 3 year old girl whom we know through Lindbergh Elementary School. She has very severe cystic fibrosis and is not doing well. Pray for a miraculous healing for Ellie and for her family to know the Lord’s love.

Pray for the Lord’s complete healing for Bob G, that God would remove the cancer completely from his body. Pray for Bob and Janet to continue to trust in the Lord and look to Him.

Pray for Pastor Andrew, that the Lord would continue to heal his eye and restore his vision.

Pray for John, Nancy & Manny N, as they’ve been diagnosed with COVID. Pray for their health and a complete recovery.

Pray for Jackie, that the Lord will help her through dialysis.

Pray for Dillon’s Aunt, who is recovering from surgery this past Friday.

Pray for the upcoming elections in the City of Dearborn, for Mayor and for other positions. Pray that the Lord would raise up the right people. Pray that Dearborn would continue to prosper and grow in the years ahead. Pray that we would have an open atmosphere in which we can share our faith.

Pray for the Nurses in our fellowship, that God would strengthen and sustain them each day. There are ongoing staff shortages, as many Nurses left the profession over the last year. Pray that they would “soar on wings like eagles, run and not grow weary, walk and not be faint”. Isaiah 40:31

Pray for Teachers, for God’s renewal as some are teaching this summer, and already thinking about next year. Pray for Chrisara, Amanda, Manny, Christine, Debbie & Rebecca.

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