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Pray for Andy & Janice as they’ll need to move to another house soon, and much work needs to be done to make that house ready for their move-in. Pray for John, a Fula believer who was in a bad motorcycle accident and had surgery for his broken arm. Pray for his complete recovery.

Pray for Sandra, who is at Heartland Rehab Center on Ford Rd in Dearborn Heights. She is also no longer in the COVID ward so praise God! Pray for Sandra’s speedy recovery as she is anxious to move back into her place and be among her family and friends.

Pray for the Springer Wilson family as Lurilee passed away. Pray for the Lord’s comfort on the family as they grieve.

Pray for the Parker family, who lost John, a husband and father of 2. Pray for the Lord’s grace for Jenny and their two children.

Stacy G’s newborn niece Zoe has been home and recovering very well. Praise God! Pray for Zoe’s continual recovery and that the lasting side effects from her initial breathing issues will no longer appear. Stacy’s sister Stephanie has been positively recovering slowly at home for a week now, but her employment has been negatively affected because of it. Please Pray for Stephanie’s speedy recovery and God’s providence for her financial stability.

Pray for Steve D as as Doctors are changing up his medications.  Please pray that God would give him grace and strength, and stability.  Pray that he would sense God’s encouragement today.

Pray for Nancy and Justin A, as they’ve been in the process of trying to adopt DJ, and there’s been many obstacles and delays in the process. Pray for God’s favor on them, and wisdom for them, and that God would allow Nancy and Justin to officially and legally make DJ a part of their family.

Pray for Eric C’s father Earl, who has been diagnosed with cancer. He still has a small mass in his head. Pray for the Lord’s complete healing for him, and that he would continue to trust in the Lord through this.

Praise the Lord for providing a place for Alice to move to soon. Pray that God would help her through this transition and give her the strength that she needs.

Pray for Nancy V’s mother who is experiencing abdominal pain and is uncertain of the cause. Pray also for her family member Wanda who is currently in the hospital with pneumonia because of COVID. May God’s healing hands be upon them and his peace be upon the family.

Pray for Trish W’s mother, who had something like a stroke over the holidays and was not able to speak intelligibly and was barely eating or drinking anything. Pray that God would allow her to speak clearly!

Pray for the church members, family and friends who have been affected by covid. It has been a season of many uncertainties with raising covid cases. Pray that God will keep us all safe and for his healing hands upon those affected by it.

Pray for Adam and his family as they deal with the lost of their grandmother. Pray that God’s peace and guidance be upon them during this difficult time as they grieve and plan for the funeral.

Pray for the situation between Russia and Ukraine as Russia may invade Ukraine. Pray for God’s providence during these times of unrest as many lives well be affected.

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  1. Our good friend John Parker is in the hospital hospital with covid pneumonia on a vent. Please pray that his lungs would heal quickly and that his oxygen levels would improve. He is married and a father of 2 adopted children. Praise the Lord that he is a Christian, but we pray for his healing right now.

    The Copelands

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