Pray with Us


Pray for Anna brown, who will have a knee replacement surgery on her right leg on July 1st. Pray for the Lord’s strength through the recover and physical therapy.

Pray for Conrad’s & his family, as his father passed away this week. Pray for those who will be traveling to South Dakota, that they would be safe and that God would draw the family together during this time of grief.

Pray for Tom’s wife Judy. She was supposed to have a double lung transplant surgery last week. She has been on a waiting list for five years. Before the surgery, Doctors determined that the donor lungs were not in good enough condition to use for Judy. Pray for God’s strength and peace for Tom and Judy through this.

Please pray for Eric C’s friends, Dan and Roxy. Dan has had complications to back surgery and needs to heal correctly. And she has three boys to take care of. Pray that they would be okay financially while Dan heals. Roxy has not worked since November because of day care issues with their youngest.

Pray for Rodney as he cares for his father Bill. Pray that Bill would be strengthened and able to return home soon to be with Patty and able to see the family. Pray for the Lord’s strength for the family.

Pray for Clara Simons, who is grieving the loss of her husband Len. Pray for their daughters, Gwen, Erin and Dari as they care for Clara, and plan for the future, for Clara’s care.

Pray for Christine Nagel, who is expecting a baby in July. Pray for her health and the baby’s health, and that God would help the family to prepare for this new addition.

Pray for Da Marie Rossire, who is struggling with very low potassium. Pray that God would bring healing. Pray that Doctors would be able to help her know why this is happening, and would be able to help restore it to normal.

Pray for the Lord’s direction as we are seeking to bring on an Associate Pastor to add to the team at Fairlane Alliance.

Pray for God’s continued provision for Andy & Janice’s ministry. Pray that the Lord would open doors of opportunity for them to share the Gospel, and that God would prepare the hearts of the people, creating a hunger and thirst to know God in a personal way.

Pray for the Nurses in our fellowship, that God would strengthen and sustain them each day. There are ongoing staff shortages, as many Nurses left the profession over the last year. Pray that they would “soar on wings like eagles, run and not grow weary, walk and not be faint”. Isaiah 40:31

Pray for Teachers, for God’s enabling and encouragement as they finish out the school year. Pray for Chrisara, Amanda, Manny, Christine, Debbie & Rebecca (Denise’s daughter).

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