Grow with Us

There are times in our faith-journey when we are stuck.  Our wheels may be spinning, but we’re not moving forward, and in some cases, we’re even sliding backwards!  Often this happens when we are not engaged in the life of the Church in all the ways we should be.

Imagine a four-wheel drive system on an off-road vehicle.  If power was only being sent to one or two of the wheels, the vehicle would be stuck.  In order to gain traction and keep moving forward, the engine sends power to all four wheels. 

God created the Church- this group of imperfect people who are trying to follow Jesus in discipleship- to help us keep moving forward in our journey of discipleship.

GATHER: Our main worship Gathering is a time when we come together to worship God and to learn from His word.

GROUP: Our Groups are smaller gatherings where people can go deeper in relationship with each other and encourage each other to take the next step in following Jesus.  These happen on different nights of the week in various formats.

SERVE: Every believer has been given a spiritual gift.  We desire to help each one discover, develop and use that gift to serve others in the body.

REACH: Each of us is called to share the Good News of Jesus with people around us.  As a Church, we want to encourage and equip every believer to reach out and share the hope we have with the people around us.