Meet the Pastors

Rev. Andrew Conway- Lead Pastor

My Story: I grew up in Southwest Florida. As a kid, I had attended several larger churches; churches that had all the things that a teenager would typically look for (a band, a big modern facility and a big youth group). Unfortunately, I never really felt connected at those churches, because as an introvert, I had a hard time introducing myself to new people, and nobody went out of their way to get to know me. Later on, we visited Largo Alliance Church, and it didn’t have many of the things a teen would look for. Although it was mostly older people and they played a lot of hymns, what really drew me there was the fact that the people wanted to get to know me, and the people were glad to see me there!

As a high school student, I wanted to go into Ophthalmology and become an Eye Doctor. This was because I had been legally blind since birth due to a genetic disorder called Ectopia Lentis. I had grown up being told that I’d never be able to drive a car. My life was dramatically changed when I was one of the first teenagers in the world to receive a lens implant surgery. I remember being excited at church because I could actually see the Pastor’s face! However, God redirected my life while I was on a missions trip in Venezuela in 2000. On that trip, I felt God calling to me to full time ministry. I clearly remember God impressing the words of 1 John 2:17 on my heart- “The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.”

At that point, I changed gears and went to Trinity College of Florida, where I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. From that point, I went to Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, New York, where I completed my Masters of Arts degree in Intercultural Studies. After leaving ATS, I served as an Assistant Pastor at Naples Alliance Church in Naples, FL, where I was ordained with the Christian & Missionary Alliance. It was during that time that my relationship with Anisah developed, and we were engaged. We were married in 2009, and then we moved to Cape Coral, Florida, where I served as the Associate Pastor at Cape Alliance Church. During our time there, we welcomed our first son, Noah.

After serving for three years in the Cape, God led us to Dearborn, where I served as the Associate Pastor for seven years. God grew our family with the addition of Nate, Nehemiah and Nyles. When the Lord led our Senior Pastor and his wife to return to the mission field in West Africa, Fairlane Alliance called me to serve as the Senior Pastor. This was at the onset of the Pandemic, which God brought our church through by His grace.

God has been so faithful to us and to the church family here, and Anisah and I are excited to continue to serve our church and our city together!

My prayer for our church is that God would do “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” and that He would be glorified in His church! (Ephesians 3).

A Little More about Me:

Favorite Authors: CS Lewis, HG Wells (science fiction)

Favorite Movies: Star Wars (excluding the prequels of course)

Favorite Things to Do: Playing Guitar, Wrestling with my Boys, Enjoying the Outdoors, Kayaking, Long boarding, Bike riding

Favorite Bands: Sonicflood, Pillar, Kutless, Crowder, Maverick City Music

Adam Yang – Associate Pastor

My Story: I was born on April 28th, 1986 in Fresno, CA. I am the third oldest of eight children. I have four brothers and three sisters. Not long after my birth, my family moved to Wisconsin for a couple of years before moving to Pontiac, MI. My father became a lead pastor at the Pontiac Hmong Alliance Church around 1989 and served there for several years. I spent the next several years living in Pontiac, MI until 2003 when I moved to Riverside, CA where I completed my junior year in high school. I returned to Pontiac, MI the summer of 2004 for my senior year while at the same time my father accepted a lead pastor role in Seattle, WA. On July 7th, 2005 my family and I moved to Seattle, WA and now that is where my family currently stay.

I have been in several different kinds of ministry in my home church and volunteered for Christian conferences like HLUB and SALT held by the Hmong District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. On July 11th, 2014 I packed my car and left for Crown College where I would study for my bachelor’s in Pastoral Leadership. During my undergrad studies, I enrolled into the Master’s of Arts program. In May of 2018, I graduated with my bachelor’s and in May of 2020, I graduated with my Master’s of Arts in Christian Studies.

Little More about Me:

Favorite Authors: D.L. Moody, D.A. Carson, Tom Schreiner (Bible scholars)

Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings

Favorite Things to Do: Play guitar, sing, video games, board games, hangout, sports

Favorite Bands: Kutless, Skillet, Mercy Me, Kari Jobe